In sport-related commercial disputes, arbitrators are selected in accordance with Article 3 of the DIS Sport Arbitration Rules. For anti-doping disputes, Article 53 of the DIS Sport Arbitration Rules applies.

Selection of arbitrators in sport-related commercial disputes

Parties may nominate any person of their choice as arbitrator. The DIS may provide recommendations pursuant to Article 3.1 of the DIS Sport Arbitration Rules.

In order to avoid a challenge of an arbitrator or annulment of an award, any person nominated as an arbitrator (in sport-related commercial disputes and anti-doping disputes) must disclose any circumstances that could raise doubts as to his or her impartiality and independence. If no such circumstances are disclosed, the DIS Secretary General will appoint the selected person as arbitrator. If, however, any circumstances that could raise doubts as to the arbitrator’s impartiality and independence are disclosed and at least one party objects to the appointment, the DIS Sport Appointing Committee decides on the appointment.

Arbitrator selection in anti-doping proceedings

Sole arbitrators or presidents of arbitral tribunals in anti-doping disputes have to meet special qualifications according to Article 53.1 of the DIS Sport Arbitration Rules: they must be qualified lawyers and must have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of "arbitration" and "anti-doping rules". A Task Force has been established that reviews the qualifications of DIS anti-doping arbitrators.

The DIS maintains a list of arbitrators that are qualified for anti-doping disputes.

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